We complement our choice for two-part freestanding baths with Duke.

Its lines, evoke the b10´s philosophy of bathroom spaces, meaning that you will have no problems in enjoying your relaxing moment every day.


Duke free standing acrylic bathub.


180 x 90 cm


Duke bathtub without hydromassage.

  • Underwater light
  • Chromotherapy

Hydromassage bathtub:

Electronic systems & extras.

  • Control System
  • Air System
  • Control + Air System
  • Extras
    • Underwater light
    • Chromotherapy
    • Heathery
    • Disinfection

Systems Elite

  • Elite System
  • Elite + Air System

Special conditions

Electronic & elite systems include automatic drain.

Automatic drain & siphon 80 cm

Click-clap valve + siphon


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