In the full satisfaction and trust of our customers and users are our differentiation and reason for being as an organization. They are the ones who make Baños 10, SL. We will at all times meet their demands by providing quality products and design, with economic efficiency and the highest level of service possible.

That is why the company management, aware of satisfy the requirements and expectations of its customers, users and other interested parties and, supporting the strategic vision of the company, has decided to implement a Quality Management system based on ISO 9001: 2015, committing to meet its requirements for thus, provide a frame of reference and establish and review the objectives of Quality.

The success of Baños 10, SL and its brands b10, CORETECH and OBATH is based on the slogan be bath be a ten, which is based on continuous improvement, supporting it in the permanent adoption of an honest and transparent attitude, maintaining a humble, positive and constructive mood before any situation. It also settles in the overcoming ny adaptability, enhancing day by day the relationship with our customers, suppliers, employees and colleagues, making teamwork the mechanism to improve the quality of our products and, consequently, to be more competitive.

The commitment of the entire organization with the applicable legal and regulatory requirements, staff training, order, discipline and continuous improvement should be pillars that allow us to achieve our objectives. In the same way, we are committed to a clear policy on the prevention of occupational risks through the commitment to achieve a high level of safety at work for all, without detriment to health as a consequence thereof, conceiving prevention as fundamental and inherent to all modalities of work.

Being the management of the quality responsibility of all those who integrate Baños 10, SL, the management is committed and ensures that this Quality Policy has been communicated, understood and applied by the staff and is available to the relevant stakeholders.