B10 was born at the start of the 1990s and has gained more than two decades of experience in the manufacture of jacuzzi baths, shower trays and columns.

We have a presence in more than 20 countries. Export sales make up a very significant percentage of the total sales of the company.

B10 is located in Onda, which is in the Valencian Community in the east of Spain.

Our location has conditioned our DNA. It is imbued with a Mediterranean spritir that has a lover for water as a form of expressions and it encourages us to reflect on our passions for bathrooms in all our products.


We meticulousy design and produce our baths using prime materials an the best technology and productions systems.

Furthermore, we have six different jacuzzi systems that give you that special moment of relaxation after a hard day at work.


Concern for the quality and safety of our products and processes is a constant concers at b10; this is why carry out controls in all production operations, as well as mechanical and electrical tests in our bathtubs and shower trays as required by EC conformity standards.

The  continuous training of the human team, the constant improvement and innovation actions and a powerful technical assistance service, guarantee our commitment.

Our technical assistence service provides national and international coverage to our products.

Proyecto "Plan de internacionalización Baños 10"
La Unión Europea a través de IVACE ha apoyado financieramente a Baños 10 para la ejecución del proyecto "Desarrollo de una nueva tipología de molde basado en tecnología epoxi de alta resistencia y alta conductividad térmica para la fabricación de platos de ducha" llevado a cabo en cooperación con la empresa QMC Tecnología Química.