How to decorate a stylish bathroom

The bathroom is no longer the forgotten room in the home. Nowadays, more and more attention is being paid to its decoration, which is why there are an infinite number of pieces designed to bring this space to perfection.

Choose the ideal shower tray

Most of today’s bathrooms have a shower instead of a bathtub. Moreover, due to its size, it is one of the elements that stand out the most in it, so it is important to choose the proper shower tray, as well as the shower screen and the wall covering. In this environment, the Capri blue of our Uno shower tray stands out, two of our novelties in the 2024 shower catalogue, over the terrazzo wall tiling, a material which is also in trend and which brings a fresh and youthful air to the bathroom. 

Bathtubs with personality are triumphing

If you are one of those who need a bathtub in your life, don’t worry, we also have an idea for you. They come in a wide range of shapes and materials, such as the one we show you in this environment. This is our Taris L bathtub in our special Microciment Rouge vin finish.