Black, the most elegant trend for your bathroom

Colour is a factor that has a considerable influence on interior design, not only because of its ability to modify the visual effect of a space, but also because of the influence it can have on people’s moods. In this sense, black colour is a simple, timeless and elegant colour capable of providing character, sophistication and distinction like no other and that is why it has become a trend when it comes to bathroom design.

Although it is true that dark colours visually diminish the space, using black strategically can give your bathroom greater depth. However, try to implement it in a balanced way and combine it with light tones; they will add luminosity to the room.

The black and white binomial is one of the most used in interior design because it generates a dramatic and impactfull experience. In this bathroom, for example, we have chosen to contrast the black marble with our new Eli countertop, the Uno shower tray and the white wall covering, but combined, in turn, with the black of the Tay bathtub, the Life unit and the faucets.