Uno, the new shower tray by b10

b10, faithful to its policy of more sustainable and responsible products, incorporates to its shower tray catalogue a new model made of Tesstone, the brand’s exclusive polymer for which fillers from local recycled materials are used and which thus stands out, transforming waste into resources, compared to traditional compostable materials based on resins and mineral fillers due to its high resistance to thermal shock.

The new Uno by b10 has a versatile design, capable of adapting to any style and benefits from a double process of surface protection with ISO NPG gelcoat and PU finish that gives it greater impermeability, inalterability over time, resistance, ease of maintenance and one of the most matt and natural finishes on the market.

The new Uno shower tray by b10 stands out not only for its design, but also for its technical characteristics. It has a high-flow linear drain valve (60 l/min), located at the head of the shower tray, which guarantees an excellent drainage of the water.