Aral, the new free-standing bathtub from b10 made of SolidCoat Surface

b10 incorporates in its catalogue two new bathtubs made of SolidCoat Surface, a highly durable and resistant material that we manufacture with ISO NPG gel-coat and composted polyester resins with natural mineral fillers.

The new b10 Aral bathtub, now manufactured in SolidCoat Surface, is a restyling of the previous model manufactured in SolidSurface. The incorporation of this material in our bathtubs arises with the aim of improving the durability and resistance of our product, as the SolidCoat Surface has protective outer layers that make the product more resistant and have a high mechanical and thermal stress.

The Aral bathtub will offer you the possibility of designing your bathroom with the style you like the most and it will give it a unique personality thanks to the elegance and sophistication it gives off thanks to its curved lines and the variety of the most matt and natural finishes on the market. Find out more about this bathtub in our catalogue of new products and create the space you deserve.