Lyra, the new b10 bathtub made in SolidCoat Surface

b10 incorporates in its catalogue two new bathtubs made of SolidCoat Surface, a highly durable and resistant material that we manufacture with ISO NPG gel-coat and composted polyester resins with natural mineral fillers.

The new Lyra freestanding bathtub will bring distinction to your bathroom thanks to its organic shape and its variety of finishes, which allow it to adapt to every style.

At b10 we think, design and manufacture our products meticulously with high quality raw materials. That is why we incorporate SolidCoat Surface into our selection of materials for our bathtubs, in order to provide our customers with a better experience. This material benefits from a double process of surface protection and finishing, which gives it antibacterial properties, greater impermeability, inalterability over time, resistance and ease of maintenance, as well as one of the most matt and natural finishes on the market.

With the new Lyra bathtub by b10, you will be able to enjoy moments of relaxation that will help you disconnect from the routine and stress of everyday life. Find out more about this bathtub in our catalogue of new products and create the space you deserve.