CORIAN® by DuPont™ is a non-porous and homogeneous material in all its thickness, offering a smooth surface without perceptible joints. It is an advanced compound that stands out for its durability, is hygienic, repairable, renewable and offers excellent haptic qualities. DuPont exclusively produces CORIAN® from acrylic resins (PMMA) and loads of alumina trihydrate (ATH), a bauxite derivative.


Porcelain was created in China during the Tang dynasty from a process of cooking two minerals, feldspar and kaolin, which underwent some alterations over the centuries, adding to its composition quartz and clay. It is distinguished from other ceramic products by its hardness, whiteness and translucency. It also has a high level of mechanical resistance, low porosity, innocuousness, soft touch and beauty.


They are materials of great durability and resistance, made with polyester resin and mineral charges of high quality. SolidStone and SolidCoat SURFACE by baños10 benefit from a double surface protection process and a gel-coat finish, which gives them greater impermeability, inalterability over time, resistance and ease of maintenance, as well as one of the most matt and natural finishes on the market.


SolidBake is a high pressure laminated material, formed by layers of cellulose fibres impregnated with phenolic resins, subjected to a process that consists of applying heat and pressure simultaneously. This determines the fluidification and polycondensation of the resins in order to obtain a homogeneous, non-porous, fire-resistant material with the desired surface finish.