Ideas for a small bathroom

The bathroom is an increasingly important space in today’s homes and should be a place that invites tranquility for the enjoyment of daily personal care. When dealing with limited dimensions in a bathroom, organization and subtlety become essential values; that’s why we present four ideas to equip a small bathroom.

Shower tray instead of bathtub

In a small bathroom, there’s no doubt: the lack space will benefit from a shower tray. This element is associated with a better use of the available space. In this case, the Indo shower tray in White color has been chosen to lighten the space and create a sense of openness.

Visual simplicity and lightness

In this bathroom, the grooming area has been designed with a simple and light composition: Eli countertop in Black and the Kaury countertop basin in Off White.

Flowing countertops

This setting features a Natural Smooth shower tray in Therma Cannella alongside two suspended Diva countertops in White. It also incorporates Equinox stainless steel faucets in Matt Black to create a light and personality-filled space for two.

Washbasin with bathroom furniture

Having storage space in small bathrooms is possible with washbasin like our Solid Surface Hoth on the Leo Peak base in Dark Marble and Novo reduced-depth bathroom furniture. Space and lightness come together in this Mediterranean ambiance.