Ideas for the bathroom space

Let homogeneity reign

If the goal is to achieve a harmonious space, you can choose to create a composition in the same color as the walls. In this setting, the Quadra 2 Life F10 countertop and Smooth panels that cover the walls are in a Sand finish. Additionally, the Stone texture of the countertop adds personality to the space.

Optimizing every centimeter

It’s common in bathrooms where different uses are separated by walls or partitions for the washroom space to take center stage, as we see in this setting. In this case, a Clos F11 base in Silken Black with a Jade sink in Solid Surface and a Quadra F5 shelf, also in Silken Black, has been chosen. This composition contrasts against the white wall covering and glass partitions that separate each space.

Storage vs. Aesthetics

If a light effect is desired without sacrificing storage, compositions with a countertop on a wall-mounted furniture are perfect. In this bathroom, two lower modules with a drawer and shelf, and two open lower modules, all in Life Matt White, have been chosen for the lower section. For the upper section, the Eli countertop in Silken Vanilla, one of our latest additions, takes center stage in this setting. Its design adds personality and elegance to the washroom space, thanks to its symmetrical and delicate lines.

Storage in a Small Space

When the bathroom is of small dimensions, maximizing storage becomes more challenging. In such cases, it’s better to think vertically and take advantage of the free walls to place auxiliary furniture, as shown in this setting.

A Life column in the same Nogal finish as the modular composition has been included, combined with the Leo Peak base in Dark Marble and the Bowl sink in Black, creating a space with ample capacity, fluid, elegant, and timeless.